Honey I Blew Up The Business
Managing Ego & Building Resilience with Ian Hambleton, CEO of Maze Theory
June 9, 2021
In this episode of Honey I Blew Up The Business, Dan is joined by Ian Hambleton, one of the UK’s leading creative entrepreneurs. Ian is the CEO of Maze Theory, a Virtual Reality games studio in London which publishes titles for brands like Dr Who and Peaky Blinders. He’s co-founder of carbon reduction startup Ecologi and was also the co-founder of both Studio Output (a top independent design agency) and Glug (which hosts events for creatives in over 35 countries). Ian draws on his immense experience to share insights about how he learned the value of honesty, vulnerability and resilience. If you enjoyed Ryan Holiday’s book “Ego is the Enemy”, you will enjoy this insightful, warm, and humorous discussion.

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