Honey I Blew Up The Business
From Getting Sacked To Successful Entrepreneur - Plus Everything In Between with David Braithwaite
June 30, 2021
In this episode of Honey I Blew Up The Business, Dan is joined by David Braithwaite, Director and Principal Financial Adviser at Citrus Financial Management. David runs a portfolio of businesses under the Citrus brand, specialising in working with people with a media profile. He’s a bit of a media personality himself, hosting his own BBC Radio show and having literally toured the world speaking to 10’s of 1000’s of people. Plus he coaches other entrepreneurs as an Associate Coach at Strategic Coach. David is extremely candid about the challenges that have shaped him and his career. From confidence building - due to redundancy in his early career, to wrestling with fixing his mental health - due to turbulent times as an entrepreneur. The guys really get into the practical steps you can take when things are feeling too much, building on lessons learnt from their own tough times. Also, discover what an “Askhole” is...plus how Picasso can help you value your own experience...
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