Honey I Blew Up The Business
How To Get Out Of A €16m Hole with Gavin J Gallagher
July 21, 2021
In this episode of Honey I Blew Up The Business, Dan is joined by Gavin J Gallagher, real estate mogul & executive director at Earlsfort Group. During the 2008 financial crash, Gavin went from owning a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio to €16 million in debt. Now, in his late 40’s with 5 kids and a lifetime of experience, Gavin has an entirely different outlook on life than he did in his 30’s. On his podcast “Behind The Facade”, Gavin focuses on “exploring the often overlooked but critically important mental and emotional game governing success in real estate”. We explore the depths you can reach when hard times hit, and what you can do to get out. How to keep your ego at bay - particularly when times are good - and take extreme ownership of your life. Gavin also talks about the David Goggins-esque fitness challenges he pursues in order to build and maintain his mental resilience.
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