Honey I Blew Up The Business
Quick Decisions, Stressful Situations & Purposeful Business with Pip Wilson
June 23, 2021
In this episode Dan is joined by Pip Wilson, Co-founder and CEO at Amicable. Pip is a successful serial tech entrepreneur since 2002, building IT consultancy Bluefin Solutions to 300 people in four countries before a 2015 exit. Pip is also the deputy chair of the RSA (Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), is passionate about empowering women in tech and was formerly a trustee of The Girls Network. She and her business partner Kate Daly have co-founded Amicable to help divorcees achieve an amicable divorce at an affordable cost. Pip has navigated a number of stressful situations, including The Great Recession in 2008 and more recently when Amicable ended up in the high court...just as she started fundraising for it! She shares lessons about combating the fear of making wrong decisions, approaching stressful situations thoughtfully and how to be an effective leader in a crisis.
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