Honey, I Blew Up The Business

My Resilience Toolkit with Emily Cummin

October 05, 2022 Dan Kirby Episode 51
Honey, I Blew Up The Business
My Resilience Toolkit with Emily Cummin
Show Notes
Emily Cummin is founder & CEO of Untangle, a tech platform providing support and community for dealing with death and grief. Yet the idea was born from an overwhelming moment. While Emily was building her early corporate career her parents divorced, and her grandpa - with whom she was very close - passed away. This truly tested the “Queen of Coping”. So, just how did she turn this moment of coping into a moment of creation? Listen in and find out! In this episode, you will learn to silence the productivity banshee, learn self-kindness, and have a compassionate inquiry with yourself. You will also learn to develop healthy structures for coping with life’s difficulties. If you’re struggling with grief, you will learn to see the other side of death; you will realise that it gets better.


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