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Honey, I Blew Up The Business

Dan Kirby

I’m Dan Kirby and I’ve been a founder since 2001, but in 2017 it all went wrong. I blew up the business, in a bad way! 

I can laugh about it now but it was no joke at the time. 

Shame, humiliation, terror. The lot. 

My business is back on track but I don’t want to blow it up again. So I’m interviewing top entrepreneurs to discover how they turned adversity & failure into growth & success. 

Big thanks to The Tech Dept - my business - for sponsoring all of this. We build tech products for impact startups www.thetechdept.com 


The stories in Season 2 of Honey I Blew Up The Business are NOT about glamorous lives of lambo-driving entrepreneurs living large.

They are NOT about how to make a million quid in a week with a new marketing trick.  

We do NOT have PR-trained guests who have been told exactly what they can or can’t say. 

If you are looking for that then don’t listen to my show!

We are getting into the raw. 

The unfiltered. 

The real. 

The Shadow Side of entrepreneurship.

As my hero and mentor - Darth Vader - once said: “come to the Dark Side”. 

Hear the legit stories of the shitty times people have faced. And how to get out of them.