Honey, I Blew Up The Business

Grace Under Pressure with Nicole Yershon

May 04, 2022 Dan Kirby Episode 40
Honey, I Blew Up The Business
Grace Under Pressure with Nicole Yershon
Show Notes
Nicole Yershon has been called “the disruptor’s disruptor” having built the pioneering innovation business: Ogilvy Labs. Now founder & CEO of innovation consultancy The NY Collective, she’s a best selling author and named one of the 25 women who shaped the digital industry in the past 25 years. But what happens when your life of disruptive innovation hits a period of massive disruption? Listen in and find out!In this episode, hear from one of the world’s leading innovation thinkers. Nicole will share how to unlock new ways to change your business - and life - for the better. Discover how leaving with nothing can be the best choice you make. The value of diversity of thinking. Why your emotional intelligence can create better change much faster. And how unexpected levels of freedom can be transformed into a life of purpose.


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