Honey, I Blew Up The Business

The Power Of Feedback with Anna Hemmings MBE, OLY

April 20, 2022 Dan Kirby Episode 39
Honey, I Blew Up The Business
The Power Of Feedback with Anna Hemmings MBE, OLY
Show Notes
Anna Hemmings is a two-time Olympian, six-times world champion kayaker with 11 World and European medals - nine of them gold. She’s Britain’s most successful ever female kayaker, and was awarded an MBE for services to sport. Now she’s a leader in the psychology of high performance with a specialist consultancy and motivational speaking career. But this illustrious career nearly never happened. At the age of 24 - after competing in the Olympics and 3x world champion - she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. No-one knew how to fix her. So how did she turn it around? Find out on the podcast!In this episode, you will learn techniques to overcome uncertainty and adversity. and challenges through resilience, hope, and positivity and grow from it. You’ll learn how trust and vulnerability are components of growth and progress. Anna also teaches visualisation as a tool for creative dominance, motivational feedback, and developmental feedback for personal and team growth.

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