Honey, I Blew Up The Business

S2 E1: Me and My Shadow with Dan Sullivan

April 06, 2023 Dan Kirby Season 2 Episode 1
Honey, I Blew Up The Business
S2 E1: Me and My Shadow with Dan Sullivan
Show Notes

The deadly Dan duo is back!

After kicking off Season 1, Dan Sullivan returns to kick off Season 2. And this is his most open interview yet.

Dan Sullivan is the world's foremost expert on entrepreneurship and has personally coached more successful entrepreneurs than anyone else living. He's the founder and president of The Strategic Coach Inc, the leading entrepreneurial coaching company in the world, which over the past 40+ years has provided teaching and training to more than 30,000 entrepreneurs.

Together these “cosmic twins” delve into Dan Sullivan's "shadow side", a time when he was forced to confront his own “horse’s ass” behaviour. 

Discover why your best self isn’t going to come from discipline and the tools to use so that growing 10x is easier than 2x.

Check out Dan Sullivan’s new book at https://10xeasierbook.com/

This new book plus his previous books combine to make a great trilogy for any entrepreneur IMHO:

And check out his entrepreneurial coaching business - it was one of the key reasons my business turned around after our 2017 blow up: www.strategiccoach.com 

We also mention Joe Polish’s book What’s In It For Them www.whatsinitforthem.com 


Honey I Blew Up The Podcast! We are no longer recording new episodes of this podcast

▷ Host Dan Kirby has sold his shares in The Tech Dept (the business he blew up & turned around) to launch Founders Are Mental - teaching tech founders how to become Zen-like without being a monk...

▷ Show sponsors The Tech Dept are still going strong - helping founders build tech from MVP to Scale